Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why you call these children special?
The children are special because they have special abilities; they just require some special training to develop the talent and skills hidden in them.

2. What is wrong with my child? Why is he/she not developing like other children?
The brain controls the functioning of the entire body. If the brain is damaged it may be manifested as developmental delay, mental retardation, poor learning and performance. Your child's problem may be one of the above. Hence the child is different in development and learning.

3. How early can one identify and tell that the child is mentally retarded?
Early detection depends upon the severity and the nature of mental retardation. Many genetic abnormalities can be identified before birth and immediately after birth.

Some of the ways to identify are through amniocentesis, sonography, fetoscopy, blood and urine screening tests and imaging techniques. Some conditions like Down's syndrome, microcephaly (Small headed), hydrocephalous and other obvious congenital anomalies can be identified at birth with presenting features.

After birth if the growth and developmental milestones are delayed and there is presence of neurological signs and symptoms, identification of developmental delay can be suspected within one year of age.

4. Are there any drugs that can cure mental retardation?
There is no cure for Mental Retardation through the use of drugs. Mental Retardation is a condition where the damage caused to the brain is permanent. No drugs have been found to repair the damaged caused to the brain. Treatment is available for associated conditions like fits.

5. Will my child become alright? Mental Retardation is not a disease. It is a condition caused by damage to the brain and cannot be cured by medicines. However, a child with Mental Retardation can be helped to learn skills and progress in many ways through training depending on the severity of retardation.

6. Will my child walk and talk like other children?
Children with mental Retardation do learn to walk, understand and speak to a large extent. However, how far and how quickly they learn depends on the extent of brain damage and early identification and timely intervention.

7. What is his life span?
Mental Retardation by itself does not reduce a normal life span. A lot depends on cause, severity of Mental Retardation, associated medical problems and the level of care given.

Due to the advancements in medical care, the life span of persons with mental retardation has shown an increase in recent years.

8. Is my child mad?
No, your child is definitely not mad. The child is slow in development and in learning.

9. Is mental retardation hereditary?
Mental retardation is not always hereditary. However, where the cause of mental retardation is genetic, it is hereditary. In such cases, parents are advised to go for genetic counseling before they plan for another child.

10. Can marriage be a cure for mental retardation?
Marriage is not a cure for mental retardation. If the person with mental retardation cannot understand the system of marriage and assume the needed role and responsibility, marriage can prove to be unsuccessful.

11. What is the process for admission of a child?
You need to visit the school with the child. We will assess some details like his IQ level, severity level, type of disability etc. Then accordingly we will counsel his guardians.

We advise that you admit your child to the school from the starting of the session, but as we make individual curriculum for each child according to his abilities, you can start sending your child to the school in between the session as well. The sooner, the better.

12. Do you have any conveyance facilities?
Yes, we do provide pick and drop facility for the children from their homes. However, it is a third party service so you have to pay for it accordingly.

13. Is it a fully residential program?
Right now, we do not have ant residential program for this session.

14. How do your teachers/staff members handle these children? Are they qualified?
We are a team of trained and certified Special Educators, who are qualified to train and educate these special children. We try to maintain a Teacher:Student ratio of 1:8.

15. Will my child be able to earn a living for himself?
Apart from imparting basic education, we do provide vocational training also to all the students such as Candle making, Greeting card making etc. The concept of Money is also taught to the children. We try our best to make them independent.

16. I am interested in making a donation to your organization. How can I do that?
There are various ways by which you can donate to our organization. Please visit here for details or Contact Us.

17. How can I sponsor a child?
You have to fill a form mentioning your details, and you can send it to the institute's address along with the sponsorship amount. The sponsorship amount for 1 child for 1 year starts from Rs. 12000/-. Click here for more details.

18. I am a guardian of a mentally challenged child. Can I get counseling?
Yes. You can contact us and make a visit to the school along with the child. We will assess the details of the child and counsel you accordingly on how to train the child.


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