• Special Education: Our Special educators use techniques to assess the children with special needs, and set their short & long term targets accordingly. The syllabus is set according to I.Q. level of every individual. The ratio of teacher to students is 1:8.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Games: Games and sports such as carom, badminton, long jump, soft ball throw, chair race, bocce, etc. are important part of our curriculum. Children feel very happy when they are involved in different games and sports according to their interest and capabilities.

  • Speech Therapy: Students having speech problem are given proper speech therapy after their hearing, language and speech have been tested systematically.

  • Physiotherapy: Students suffering from neurologic disorders are given Physiotherapy to create flexibility in their body joints. For this, Physiotherapists use various equipments and techniques according to the need of every individual.

  • Recreational activities: Drawing & Craft, Dance, Painting, etc. are daily activities of the curriculum. These activities deliver happiness to the students, and are also a great source of improving concentration.

  • Survey & Identification: Different areas of the city are surveyed and the children with special needs are identified. Till date, we have identified and classified 892 persons as Mentally Retarded, Cerebral Palsied, Autistic and Multiple disabled.

  • Parent's Counseling: Meetings are executed once or twice a month and parents are given guidance. They share their feelings and problems with the counselor and are given solutions for the same.

  • Vocational Training: Apart from Special Education, the Mentally Retarded children also need some vocational training. This also helps them to become independent. The students are given training according to their interest and learning capabilities. In vocational training, students prepare candles, diyas, jewelry, Rakhis, greeting cards, etc.

  • Picnic & Outdoor visits are a regular feature of our school. Every month, a picnic or an outing is planned and we take the students away on picnic or various Natural, historical and public places, such as Museums, Gardens, Water parks, Post office, banks, etc. These visits help them to develop their social awareness and self confidence.


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