The Institute

Shikhar is a voluntary organization created solely with the purpose of helping the cause of mentally challenged. Shikhar is recognized by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India, Department of Social Welfare; Govt. of Rajasthan, and is registered with the National Trust.

Shikhar, started on 21st June, 2002 with the encouragement of parents and well wishers, was aimed at helping the Mentally Challenged children with a strong commitment and empathy. We strongly feel that the disabled are not victims of fate, but of our own negligence. The sole aim of the institute is to strive for the welfare of the persons with Mental Retardation, Autism & Multiple disabilities.

Shikhar special school had a very humble beginning with just 2 children. Today, the institute is serving 62 differently abled persons.

Shikhar an individual training & education for every student, aimed at social independence, which incorporates special education, therapeutic interventions and vocational training. We offer speech, occupational and physiotherapy, yoga, computer education, music and dance, physical fitness, sports and extracurricular activities, counseling, behavior modification, and parents counseling.

Students are introduced to concepts such as time, colors, numbers, etc. and trained in dressing, personal hygiene and so on. Activities for rehabilitation such as dance, indoor & outdoor games are also a part of the schedule. Excursions and picnics for the children provide opportunities to develop social behavior skills and learn to interact with outside world.


To provide equal opportunities for all as the quality of the persons with mental retardation is same as others.

Aims & Objectives

  • To identify and Rehabilitate the persons with Mental Retardation.
  • To provide the Education for the Children with Mental Retardation & help them merge with the main streamline of the Society.
  • To provide the Vocational Training for the persons with mental retardation.
  • To undertake and participate in programs pertaining to health, education, employment, and rehabilitation of the disabled.
  • To seek the collaboration and co-operation of other voluntary and Government agencies for development activities and programs.
  • To conduct and or participate in seminars, camps, conferences, research and training programs, and spread awareness in people about the stigmas & misconceptions of mental retardation.


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